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28th January 2023
From Zelig Goldberg to Isaac Shapiro  

    Belopolye, 26 January 1915
    8 February1

    Dear children

    We are all in good health thank God and thank God it is quiet here. Mother is good health thank God too, also in Zeimelis the children are all in good health.
    Your letter of December we have received, thank God you are in good health. Unfortunately I have lost my job due to the closure of the brewing factory and I still 
     have no other job. Send a bow2 to your children.
    Father Goldberg.

This is one of the 11 postcards written in the Ukraine by my great grandfather Zelig Goldberg to my grandfather Isaac Shapiro in Kimberley South Africa.  I received them from my mother's cousin Sarah (Goldberg) Olkienitski. (see more here.).
Four of the postcards mention money sent from South Africa through Wissotsky. During this time the Jewish owned tea company Wissotsky was the largest tea company in the worfld. (see Wikipedia article). Apparently Isaac  gave money to Wissotsky representatives in South Africa and Wissotsky Russia paid Zelig the equivalent amount. Wissotsky is Israel's largest tea company and I told them about the postcards. They were thrilled to see this example of  the Wissotsky family's help to Jews during this difficult period, and asked whether they could have the 4 postcards for their Historic Archive Collection. Zelig's three living great grandchildren (Shula Haberman, Racheli Gilad and I) agreed and this week I met with the Curator of the Archives and donated the 4 postcards together with some background notes. 

There is a page about these postcards on this site. It includes pictures of all the 11 postcards, the translations, some notes on the backround of the postcards, and the letter of thanks from Wissotsky.

Translator notes:
1.  On many documents of the Russian Empire from the late 19th Century both the Julian and Gregorian calenders appear.
2.  send a bow:  Russian expression meaning 'send my greetings'

  • We had lunch this week with Archie Ogden, from our days in St Thomas in the Virgin Islands. We were very friendly with Archie and Ella and had many happy times with them.
  • We also had lunch with Maxine (Konigsfest) Freed, sister of good friend Maureen Fain. We have not seen Maxine for about 60 years (!) but but we see Maureen regulary (for example) and she  has kept us updated. By chance Maxine mentored daughter Vered and husband Aviv during their orientation period at Columbus University.

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