Richard and RonaRichard and Rona Nickel (22nd)

Happy Anniversary to Racheli and Avi Gilad (28th). Mazal Tov to them and all their family.

Happy Anniversary to Shirley and Nathan Kansky (29th).

Happy anniversary to Shelly and Jonathan Klotnick (30th)


Nathan Kansky (4th March)

Cecille CottonCecille Cotton (5th)

Amber 3 yrs oldAmber Leibowitz (7th)

Sheryl TalSheryl Tal (Kansky) (9th)

Vered Shavit and MaayanVered Shavit (10th) (with Maayan)

Shirly KanskyShirley Kansky (15th - The Ides of March)

Hannah GilbertHannah Gilbert (15th - The Ides of March)

Zvike Karlsblad (18th)


Melanie Klotnick (20th)


Moriah PashasMoriah Pashas (20th)

Aviv Ron (21st)

Assaf Nickel 2014    Assaf Nickel (26th)

Eric CottonEric Cotton (28th)

Jean Marc HakimJean-Marc Hakim (28th)

Yarden LevyYarden Levy (28th)

Denise BravermanDenise Braverman (28th) "Denise de niece"

Joe Leibowitz (29th)

Alan Klotnick (30th)


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