The 13th Family Reunion or the 1st Family Summer Camp

July 2006: Because of the security situation we had to cancel our planned weekend in the north (where rockets were falling), and decided instead to have a family reunion in Hofit over the weekend. As you can see from the picture there were a lot of us, including cousins Eti and Louis Nickel and kids - who were "refugees"  from the bombing area -  and we pitched a tent in the garden to take the overflow at night. The reunion was different this time. Instead of visiting outside attractions and outside activities we had a "summer camp" at our house  In the mornings we had different activities suitable for all the age groups, and in the afternoon, games and competitions.  Everyone had a great time and it was wonderful being together.

As always at a Levy function, food plays a central part, and as always Doreen's food was plenty and delicious. 
There were a lot of us, and a lot of food, but everyone helped and played their part.

The hot sunny weather made playing in water an ideal activity. The random sprinkler was a great hit, as was the plastic pool which provided hours of fun.

Even the little ones enjoyed the water.

Of couse, as in any decent competitive situation, we awarded points for achievements in the games and competitions. By an incredible coincidence, everyone ended up with the same number of points, so there was a tie between all the contestants.

We started off the morning with a game fitting the situation. In pairs, the children had to make lists of the 10 things they would choose to take with them in a suitcase if they had to go into a (bomb) shelter for a period of time.

The highlight of the weekend was the watermelon eating competitions.

The kids had such a great time that the adults decided they wanted a competition too. Of course, adults take these things more seriously - first they had to do "mouth expanding" exercises before getting down to the serious business.

The sack race

Air table-hockey:

ACTIVITIES: Apart from the games, there were quieter activities as well at the activity stations . These included: toy trains, drawing, puzzle games,computers (Comfy for the younger ones), and watching TV/DVD.

Another activity that proved to be most popular was the face painting.

We pitched a tent in the garden for the kids to sleep in. Everyone wanted to sleep in the tent, until it was time to actually lie in it in the dark outside. Neverless, a few hardy kids, and 2 tired grandparents, did sleep (or almost sleep) there for the night.

But they nicest thing about the whole weekend was that all just enjoyed themselves!

Dani and Gali  read their lovely appreciation of the weekend, at the "closing ceremony".

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