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August 2014

Last trip in Australia and return to Israel

After 6 weeks of travel (See previous months), we continued our trip visiting the Grampians, a mountain range not far from Melbourne

Due to the weather we stayed in a comfortable hut and even spoilt ourselves in a Jacuzzi

The kids enjoyed feeding the parrots, hopping with the kangaroos and playing in the snow

Teasing the birds

When the weather cleared up we went on day hikes along the cliffs and in the canyons

We continued to the Great Ocean Road, famous with its dramatic seashores. We observed the views from every possible angle: from touristic lookouts, hiking along the cliffs, going down to the shore and even from a helicopter

A koala running between trees next to our tent

We spent the last days packing, shopping, organizing and hanging-out in Melbourne

Moran and the kids went to a musical while Michal and Zoe checked up the coffee places
Saying goodbye to Family: Marc, Sue, Mike and Danny

The flight was relatively easy. Surprisingly no one was sick and the kids got some sleep. Still after 30 hours of travel, we were exhausted and grateful to fall into the arms of our loved ones

So many suitcases!

We spent a joyful week with family and friends

Father-kids camping in Ackziv Beach

We went to our house in Midreshet Ben Gurion (Sde-Boker)

It’s good to be home!

Next month Michal is starting a position in the department of ecology in Sde Boker.

Moran is continuing his project in Australia and will fly there few times a year

We promise to continue traveling, exploring and updating you on a regular basis