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August – September 2012

Transatlantic voyage

From Davis to Israel

We were busy in the last week in Davis with packing and farewells

Farewell party from our Israeli friends

Farewell from Michelle, Lynda, Michael and Jordan

Farewell from school and from the bats under the bridge

In Israel

We spend an intensive week and a half running around Israel.

We met a lot of our friends


In Eilat

Moran and his Mom diving in Eilat

Moran continued to Australia with his Dad - Eitan

Stopover in Seoul

Michal and the kids had a long, relaxed vacation with the grandparents Yael and Avram

No – this is not in Australia, but in the biblical zoo in Jerusalem



Zoe got to meet all of the family


In the meantime – Moran started to work in Australia.

Moran is going to study the effects of variation in precipitation on the nitrogen cycle as affected by grazing and beef faeces

In other words – he will study bullshit

While Moran was working – his Dad worked hard at preparing our house and garden


Now it time to start getting used to our new environment

The kids enjoying the new swing and our pool