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The Klaff's visit
Joe Woolwich's visit.
December 18, 2004: Congratulations to the Leibowitz family on the marriage of Josh and Tush.
December 16, 2004 : Engagement of Melanie Klotnick and Jonathan
Chanuka 2004, at the house of Shuli and Eitan Haberman
November 2004 with Joel and Beryl Klotnick
November 2004: Ophira and James are married
November 2004: Denise's bike ride around around the Sea of Galilee
Welcome to this world, Cale Klaff
Welcome back, Melly
The Abu Ghosh Festival of Vocal Music
Hike to Har Karkom
October 2004: Hike on the Israel Trail (Oren to Yagur)
September 2004: Sukkot at Wendy Kansky's
September 2004: Aunt Ethel passed away.
August 2004: Evening dress at Glyndebourne reminded us of Paris 20 years ago.
August 2004: With the Polucks in London
August 2004: Baby Almog with mother and grandmother
July 2004: Caryn visits the RV
June 2004: Winnie's week
April 2004: Frankies visit, with the Kessels
March 2004: Maureen Fain's 60th
Look who else likes ice cream



March 2004
Having a lovely time celebrating Maureen Fain's 60 th birthday at the Lizard Club in Tel Aviv.

April 2004
Frankie Klaff is on a short visit to Israel to see her mother. We caught up with gossip and news at Colin and Louise Kessel's house. While in Italy we missed Louise's 60th birthday, and we took the opportunity at looking at the wonderful book prepared by her family.

l to r: Colin, Frankie, Louise, Doreen


The last week of June 2004 was a very happy one for Aunt Winnie Levy (nee Edelstein). Three of her grandchildren got engaged.
In Australia, Sharon and Joe Leibowitz announced the engagement of sons Josh and Daniel

Joe, Doreen, Sharon, me, in Melbourne, Australia                           Daniel, Donna, Doreen, me in Port Douglas, Australia

Click here for wedding pictures.of Josh and Tash                             Click here for wedding pictures of Daniel and Donna

And from Johannesburg, SA, Sheenagh and Charles emailed the engagement of  Katherine and Sean (who were in Florence having a wonderful time.)


Washington, DC July 2004
We were delighted that  Caryn Klaff visited us in our RV to Washington in July 2004. Caryn was chosen from 2600 applicants to be one of 90 people to interview for an Environmental Protection Agency internship.   There were 45 positions open for the two year posts, and Caryn got the job she was really interested in - with the Community Outreach Program working on Superfund community outreach. We're proud of you, Caryn. Now that Caryn has moved to the Washington area she'll be seing more of brother and sister-in-law Tamir and Alex, and of course niece Tali. They both look delighted at the change of address.

Saturday 14th August 2004 - welcome to Almog Collins, and mazaltov to mommy Avigail, brother Gidon, and granny Caroline.  Although not a relative, new granny Caroline has been part of our family since our Eilat days, and we have watched Avigail grow up from a little girl to a beautiful mother. These pictures capture their absolute delight with the new son/grandchild. See also the archives of This Week's Picture.

August 2004. London, lunch with Gordon and Shirley Poluck.
We met Shirley and Gordon when we all studied Hebrew at Ulpan Ben Yehuda in Netanya almost 40 years ago, and we became friends. Later Gordon and I had an argument during which I chased him from our flat in Netanya. They later returned to England and a number of years ago we managed to track them down; for the life of us we couldn't remember why we had argued - but it no longer mattered. The Poluck's older daughter Rochelle lives in Hod Hasharon where she has a small catering business. Their younger daughter Mel lives in Brighton and we enjoyed an evening with Mel and her boyfriend Martin when we were in Brighton.

International Skal Conference, Paris 1984.
When Eitan was manager of the Coral World Underwater Observatory in St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands he was very involved with Skal, a friendship club for people in the tourism industry. This picture was taken at the Skal Conference in Paris in 1984, on our way back to Israel after 4 years in St Thomas. See also the archives of This Week's Picture.

Aunt Ethel passed away on September 7, 2004. (see archives of  This Week's Picture.)
We last saw her on our visit to South Africa in 2001. At her apartment we spoke about family and old times, and she treated us to a delicious meal at a restaurant, with her brothers Bertie and Donald and their wives Ruth and Naomi.

30 September 2004

We celebrated erev Sukkot in a sukkah and with lulav and etrog at Wendy Kansky's.The food was delicious and the company great. Lots of family were present. This was the first time some of the little ones had met, and they all got on fantastically.
Present were:  Shirley and Nathan Kansky, Wendy Kansky and Dan, Cheryl Tal and Ben and Ron, Braham Kansky and Ziva, Malia Levy, Dina Levy and Efrat and Yarden, Vered and Aviv Ron and Danielle and Lior, and of course us.

2 October 2004

Denise joined us on a hike on a sector of  Shvil Israel (the Israel National Trail) from Tzomet Oren to Yagur. Very enjoyable, though quite difficult - the 15 kms took us a full 8 hours. The picture was taken at the summit of  Mount Shokef.

October 2004

The 3 M's (Moran, Michal and Maayan), Doreen, Denise, and Gili (a friend from Sde Boqer) on a 2 day hike to Mount Karkom, purported by some authorities to be the "real" Mount Sinai.
See Moran's pictures of the hike, on Maayan's homepage.

October 2004 - the Abu Ghosh Festival of Vocal Music
The Abu Ghosh Festival of Vocal Music during the Sukkot holidays is an annual event which takes place in the Arab village of Abu Ghosh near Jerusalem.. There is also a festival during the Shavuoth holidays and we usually attend some concerts at one or both festivals. This year we stayed at Maureen and Dick Fain's house in Jerusalem (they are overseas); in previous years we have traveled from Hofit (about 80 minutes each way) or stayed in an Abu Ghosh bed and breakfast.
Almost without exception we have thoroughly enjoyed the music, and this year was no different at the three wonderful concerts we attended. Apart from the enjoyment of the music and the delicious food (especially the authentic houmous) in the local restaurants, there is a symbolic aspect: being part of a Jewish audience listening to music in a Christian Church in an Arab village.


Welcome back. Melly! Melly Braverman, Yahel, Rael and Denise's father,  has returned to Israel after a long stay in England. His plans at the moment are to stay in Eilat.

Welcome to this world, Cale Klaff, born October 21, 2004, son of Tamir and Alexandra. Mazal Tov  to you all, and to sister Tali, grandparents Vivian and Frankie, great-grandmother Ellie Silberman, and Uncle Oren and Aunt Caryn.
Big sister Tali welcomes Cale too.

December 2004:

November 2004: Denise Braverman took part in the bicycle ride around the Sea of Galilee. Here she is (in the white shirt and white helmet) at the finish line. Good for you, Denise! It looks like great fun. Maybe we'll join you next year.

16 November 2004:
We went to Eilat to celebrate the wedding of Ophira Sadeh and James Gevintor (right, in white shirt). Ophira is our daughter-in-law Limor's youngest sister, and she and James, originally from Liberia, have been going out for about 4 years.
The wedding was great fun, as guests from both sides danced and celebrated non-stop.

While Maayan spent most of the time eating, then sleeping while we babysat, or rather, babydanced, Itamar was wide awake the whole time.

November 2004:
Joel and Beryl Klotnick were on a short visit to Israel. We managed to meet a couple of times, and, as always, it was a pleasure seeing them again.

Chanuka 2004: The pleasant tradition continues as we again celebrated one of the nights with Shuli and Eitan Haberman. Isaac Olkienitski lights the main Chanukia as Lior and Tal Haberman (Eitan's niece) watch, waiting for their turn to light their Chanukiot.

December 16, 2004. Melanie Klotnick and Jonathan announce their engagement. Congratulations to the couple, and to parents Beryl and Joel and grandmother Milly.

December 18, 2004. Congratulations to the Leibowitz family on the marriage of Josh to Tash

The Leibowitzes: l - r: Natalie, Joe, Josh, Tash, Sharon, Daniel, Winnie Levy
see also Winnie's Week.

December 2004. Cousin Joe Woolwich from Liverpool made one of his fairly frequent visits to Israel. Over Friday night supper we heard the latest concerning his Shakespearean research, and his claim that Shakespeare used actresses  for his female roles, and not actors dressed up as females, as is usually claimed. His arguments certainly sounded convincing to us.

December 2004 - January 2005. An always welcome visit by Viv and Frankie Klaff. We always enjoy their stay with us, and the impromptu dinners with their and our friends.

Livia Passwell, Viv Klaff, Orna Keren, Sybil Firer(Frankie's sister), Rami Keren, Frankie Klaff, Doreen, Justin Passwell

The Klaffs with Aviv and Limor

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