Berenice Engleberg is 90!
Caryn Klaff and Katrina community work
Chloe Lauren MacMillan, born October 22, 2005
Cale Klaff's 1st birthday, October 21, 2005
October 2005 Visit to the Klaffs in USA
Denise Braverman climbs Mount Kachkar
Doreen's visit to Viv and Frankie Klaff
Welcome to this world, Sarah Alexis Glogauer, Aug 17, 2005
Danielle Glasser's 13th birthday
Jackie Kahn 1930 - 2005
Idit Heiman and Aviram Mizrahi - July 2005
 European Open Bridge Championships, Tenerife, Canary Islands, June/July 2005
Melanie Klotnick and Jonathan Sklar 's wedding
The launching of the Antares May 2005
Independence Day 2005 in Eilat
The family artists
Hans and Lotti Reijzer's visit to Israel.
David Fridman 1933-2005
Lauren Matz and Saul Berkowitz
Purim 2005
Happy Birthday, Morris
Welome to this world, Yali Aryeh Klotnick 22/2/2005
At Bet Yannai beach
Maurizio's fritelle di riso di Carnevale
Congratulations to the Leibowitz family on the marriage of Daniel to Donna
Mark and Sue Glasser in Australia
Gardening in Hofit
Yona is back, safe and sound.

December 2005: Celebrating Berenice Engleberg's 90th birthday in Colorado. (see also This Week's Picture archives)
With all the family, and with grandchildren Rebecca, Rachel, Leah and Louis
bernice 90 bdaybernice 90

November 2005 - Caryn Klaff from New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

katrina air viewkatrina
We had some fascinating emails from Caryn Klaff describing her impressions of her work in New Orleans as a Community Involvement Coordinator following the devastating hurricane, Katrina. (Caryn works for the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington.DC.). Here are some random extracts from her emails:
".... The pre-storm population of New Orleans neared 500,000.  The current population is nearer to 50,000.  About 70% of the city is not habitable.  What this means is that businesses are not open.  Some are closed due to damage, some because they can’t find people to staff them.
 ....We pulled off of the main road into a neighborhood, only to find our way blocked on several side streets by homes relocated by the storm to the middle of the street.  We saw one woman outside her house cleaning.  She smiled and waved to us, but showed no interest in idle chatter with strangers.  I just can’t imagine standing there among such total devastation, trying to make sense of what used to be my home.  I suppose it might be her way of coping.
<>.....The condition of the city is indescribable. There are homes that have simply lost their roofs, and there are homes where all that is left is the roof.  The waterline is left on the trees, the buildings, and anything else that is tall enough to have been partially submerged.  We spent most of the day in some pretty run down areas that now hardly seem habitable.  I don’t mean to belabor the point, but we saw homes perched upon vehicles, homes with only roofs showing, empty lots with only a trace of a once foundation.  Utter chaos.
......All of the homes are marked with spray paint. .... with an X with different symbols in each of the triangles created by the crossbars.  I found out later that left marking meant the number of dead found in the home. I'm glad I didn't know that at the time.
....... It is a very strange existence I am living.  It is a world in which bottles of clear hand sanitizer sit on everyone's desk like staplers. The reality of it all hit me when I took my boots at about 13 hours of my work day when I returned from the field and was wandering around my desk space in my socks. Someone said to me, uh, do you realize that this place was recently under a foot of water?  It hit home.  Nothing is clean.  I looked at the tiny cut on my finger that I nicked yesterday cutting an apple and thought about the two people in the hospital with staph infections and proceeded over to the medical trailer, where they wrapped me up.  Every time I touch my face or scratch my eye, I wonder what I'm further exposing myself to."


Chloe Lauren MacMillan, born October 22, 2005

Congratulations to Jen and Paul MacMillan on the birth of daughter Chloe Lauren, in Cambridge, Massachusets on October 22. Congratulations also to grandparents Cindy and Ken Berman on the birth of their first grandchild.
Cindy is the "original" keeper of the family tree, and much of my information comes from her; so adding a generation to Cindy's section of  the Hershovitz/Levy tree was extra special..
More pictures of Chloe in Jen and Paul's photo album  here.

Cale Klaff's 1st birthday, October 21, 2005

Click HERE for more pictues of Cale.

October 2005 Visit to the Klaffs in USA
  • I spent the week of 15-22 October  visiting Viv and Frankie Klaff in Maryland, USA. Viv had just finished his first round of chemo- and radiotherapy, and was about to start a new round of chemotherapy..

  • Also visiting the Klaffs was another ex-Durbanite and ex-Habonimite, Dave Rothschild, seen here with Viv, Frankie and me at an Indian restaurant. I haven't seen Dave for about 40 years and it was good meeting again and recalling past experiences. He is now a professional photographer and hopefully he'll send some of his pictures for this page!

    I also spent a few hours with good friends Steve and Nina Schafer at their beautiful house in Kennett Square, and we caught up on the latest on our respective families. Next time in Israel, Nina!

    August 2005: Denise Braverman spent 10 days hiking the challenging Kachkar trek in Turkey, where she climbed to the summit of Mount Kackar. Well done, Denise!

    August 2005: Doreen's visit to Viv and Frankie Klaff, in Maryland, USA. Here she is with Viv and Frankie, and with Tamir and Alex and Tali and Cale.

    Welcome to this world, Sarah Alexis Glogauer, Aug 17, 2005         

    no pic
    Sarah Glogauer, age 2 hours

    Mazeltov to Shaun and Melissa Glogauer on the birth of Sarah Alexis on August 17. Congratulations to brothers Jakob and Gabriel, and to grandparents Isaac and Eileen (nee Nickel) on their first granddaughter. See the Nochimovicz/Nickel family tree .

    Dani Glasser's 13th birthday.
    Dani Glasser with brother Mikie and Dad Mark

    Jackie Kahn 1930 - 2005
    Jackie Kahn passed away on August 1. Our relationship with the Kahn family is a close and warm one. We are friends and neighbors, we have gone on trips with them (China, Galapagos), babysat for them and been babysat by them, we have worked for them and with them, been entertained by them, enjoyed their yacht - in short, we are almost family. The close relationship crosses generation levels. Jackie's passing has affected us all, and has left a void that will not be easy to fill.

    The marriage of Idit Heiman and Aviram Mizrahi 11 July 2005

    June - July 2005 European Open Bridge Championships, Tenerife, Canary Islands

    The view from the balcony of my hotel; and monitoring a hand played by World Champion Jeff Meckstoth (red shirt) against the Popilovs from Israel, in the mixed pairs competition.

    I'm a certified international bridge judge (or tournament director, TD,  as it's called in bridge.) and have judged at a number of international championships. (see list).
    Fellow TDs: me, Pierre Collaros, Maurizio di Sacco, Rui Marques
    This year the European Open Championships were at Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Hotel and playing conditions were excellent and the tournament was a great success. The Israelis didn't do as well as was hoped, but they did come away with three bronze medals.
    The hot subject at the Championships were the allegations against the pair Lanzarotti/Buratti, who were disqualified from the teams championships. Read the NY Times report about the incident.

    June 16, 2005: Melanie Klotnick and Jonathan Sklar
    Congratulations to the Klotnicks on Melanie's marriage to Jonathan Sklar, in Johannesburg, South Africa.


    4 generations were at the wedding -
     Siblings:                                             Parents and grandchildren:                        Great grandmother:

    Mark, Melanie and Ian.                       Beryl and Joel with Raphael, Aharon and Yali.                     Milly

     ...... and sisters-in-law - Sarina, Melanie and Talya

    May 2005: Independence Day in Eilat

    Together with the rest of Eilat and half of Israel, we spent the morning at the beach. Our advantage was that we were with Andrew and Orly Morris and family. Andrew's dingy was much appreciated, as was the young 8-year old skipper, Ben.
    We forwent the traditional "mangal" (barbecue) in favour of a delicious meal prepared by Rael Braverman.

    May 2005: The family artists
    Danielle's drawing of granny Doreen
    Lior's drawing of Denise de niece (with titties!)

    Itamar's drawing of a... of a.... of a....., well a drawing.

    April 2005: Hans and Lotti Reijzer's visit
    We have been close friends with Hans and Lotti for 40 years, ever since we learnt Hebrew together on Ulpan Ben Yehuda in 1965. We both settled in Netanya after Ulpan (Hans and I were busy playing bridge when Vered was busy being born) and even though Hans and Lotti returned to Holland we have maintained our close relationship and have visited each other in Holland and Israel fairly regularly over the years. Our children also remain friends and see each other from time to time. So we are delighted that they are with now for the Passover week.

    April 5, 2005
    Today David Fridman, passed away.  David was the recognized authority on Red Sea fish (and even had a fish named after him, the beautiful purple  Pseudochromis fridmani).. He was my friend and colleague for over 30 years. For many years we shared the same office at Coral World Eilat when I was manager and he was curator. He played an important role in my life and will be sorely missed. Doreen and I flew to Eilat for the funeral, and shared our memories with the hundreds of friends who came to pay their last respects. Our sympathy goes out to Ariella, sons Ariel, Rafi and Gabi, and all the Fridman clan.
    Thanks to Howard Rosenstein for the picture. He has established a site in David's memory, with pictures and recollections and tributes.

    March 2005: Lauren Matz and Saul Berkowitz
    MazalTov to Lauren Matz and Saul Berkowitz on their marriage on March 20th 2005 in Hout Bay, Cape, South Africa. May your lives be full of happiness and health.
    Congratulations too to parents Leon and Jennifer Matz, and brother Gavin Matz.

    March 2005: Purim celebrations

    March 5, 2005
    Good friends Morris and Jackie Kahn celebrated Morris's birthday with family and friends at their home in Bet Yannai.It was a lovely event, beautifully catered, and it was wonderful seeing so many old friends again.

    February 22, 2005: Welome to this world, Yali Aryeh Klotnick

    Welcome, Yali Aryeh Klotnick, born February 22 in Israel. Mazal tov to new parents, Mark and Sarina, and to the Klotnick family: Great grandmother Milly, Grandparents Joel and Beryl, brother and sister-in-law Ian and Talya, and sister Melanie. Mazal tov also to grandmother Irene Lapidot.

    February 19, 2005. At Bet Yannai beach

    l-r: Shachar, Oron, Doreen, Vered, Moshe, Orit, Danielle, Aviv, Lior

    A khamsin (hot, dry desert wind) changed Friday and Saturday from cold, rainy winter days into temporary lovely summer ones. Vered, Aviv and family took the opportunity (together with hordes of others) of going to the beach, and had a seaside lunch there with Aviv's sister, Orit, and family.

    February 2005

    The 39th International Bridge Festival is taking place in Tel Aviv. The chief director of the festival is Maurizio di Sacco, chief tournament director of Italy, a colleague, friend, and Malmo cycling companion. Maurizio and some local directors came over for dinner on Friday night, and in addition to Doreen's delicious cooking  Maurizio prepared traditional fritelle di riso di Carnevale for dessert.

    January 22, 2005. Congratulations to the Leibowitz family on the marriage of Daniel to Donna

    The Leibowitzes: from left to right
    Winnie Levy, Natalie, Sharon, Daniel and Donna, Joe, Joshua and Tash
    see also Winnie's Week.

    Mark and Sue Glasser in Australia

    We are happy that Mark and Sue Glasser always keep us up to date on what is happening with them. Son Mikey (10) won the bronze medal at the Taekwondo national championships, and also plays basketball for Maccabi and this year (for the third year in a row) won the award for the most valuable player for his team. Daughter Dani (12)  was the Head Girl at her Primary school. She also plays netball for Maccabi and she won the award for the most valuable player for her team. We're proud of you, down-under Glassers!

    January 2005 - Gardening in Hofit

    We both thoroughly enjoy our little vegetable garden. In winter we grow lettuces - about 7 different varieties - under plastic. They are organic; we don't use any pesticides and use compost we have made ourselves. We have a big container that collects rain water from the roof (see this picture in This Week's Picture archives), and in the periods between the rains we use this water.

    January 2005 - Welome back, Yona, safe and sound. Happy to be back. By showing courage and determination Yona was one of the handful of survivors of the death train in the Sri Lanka tsunami disaster. You can read the moving story of her survival here.    See also This Week's Pictures archives.