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January February 2012

In January we celebrated Moran's 39th birthday. Moran must have felt that this might be the last birthday he would want to celebrate, so he decided to do it right:

Party with friends

It was a cold day but it was warm by the candles

Party with members of the lab

Outing with friends

We also went to a restaurant and performance of West Side Story in Sacramento. It was great.


A bit late - we celebrated Michal's birthday, which was in October, with a balloon flight over the Napa Valley.

The day was bright and very clear and we saw amazing views all the way from the Sierra Mountains to the San Francisco Bay.

Michal spent most of February in Riverside, working in a molecular laboratory with a collaborator.

It was hard and frustrating, especially in the beginning when things did not work so well.

Eventually the problems were solved and the work was completed.

At the same time, Moran and the children went with Vered - Moran's sister – to a ski vacation in Lake Tahoe.

The children took ski lessons and progressed very well.

Vered and Moran enjoyed the freedom and quality time together

Moran and the kids came to visit Riverside the following week and we went together to Joshua Tree National Park

It snowed in the park a few days before we arrived and the combination of desert landscape with the snow was very special

So we played in the snow, climbed the granite boulders, and saw cacti and palm trees

We traveled with good friends - Orly Ofir and their son - Nuri

The kids treated Nuri as a little brother, played with him and helped him

Perhaps they're getting ready

Maayan advanced another step in karate and now has an orange belt

Michal organized the  Tu B'Shvat celebration.

It was a lovely event and the children enjoyed it very much

Now we are back to work routine. Trying to accomplish as much as possible before mid-April ...