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June 2012

Granny Doreen left and Grandmother Yael arrived...

Yael spent a lot of time with Zoe while Michal gradually went back to work.

The highlight of Yael's stay was a visit to Pigeon Point.

We walked along the beach at Pigeon Point and we swam in the Jacuzzi with amazing views of the ocean and of rocks with a colony of sea lions.

We also went for a beautiful walk in Año Nuevo beach where we saw a colony of elephant seals


During this season there are females and young males who practice fighting.

Later in the season the huge adult males arrive for the breeding season.

To us - the young males looked large enough…

On the way home we met with Vered, Moran's sister who came to San Francisco on a business trip.

Vered met Zoe for the first time and so the meeting was particularly exciting.


Moran went for a farewell hike from the Sierra mountains with friends from Davis

More pictures

The children practicing snorkeling and canoeing in preparation for a vacation in Hawaii