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March 2012

We tried to advance at work as much as possible before the birth.


Moran traveled to Washington to meet with coworkers.

He introduced his progress related to modeling the soil carbon cycle, which is part of a larger biochemical model.

We celebrated the Purim - Lotem was a bat with a baby, Maayan was Shinx Pokemon, and we were Adam and Eve.

The snake was a hit but we had to explain the costume.


In Rome act … Michal had a baby shower. She met with the girls, eating, chit-chatted, played and opened gifts.

Moran organized a parallel event in a dance club in Sacramento with the guys.



Other events:

Weekend trip to stalactite cave


Another appearance of the Dag Nachash in Oakland -we've become devoted fans.


Moran with Ozgur at SOJA


Sushi night


Maayan and Lotem take pride in their school projects in the open day at school.



Maayan practices karate kicks with a surprising result



Lotem still practicing hard on the Monkey Bar.

In our opinion, she is all ready for the Olympics.


Michal is nesting


A three dimensional image of the baby to come. Three more weeks…