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May 2012

Granny Doreen , Moran's mother, came in early May to help

For those who do not know – By looking at her you can see where Moran gets all of his energies

Granny Doreen played with the children, swam in the swimming pool with them, explained at the museum, bought them clothes and shoes, cooked and baked on a daily basis, as well as looked after Zoe.



We took advantage of Doreen's visit for a romantic hike (as romantic as it could get at this stage of life) - in Lake Tahoe area.

We crossed a lake in a boat and climbed up above the snow line.

Zoe was not too impressed by the views. We were.

Moran has not put on weight - Zoe is just hiding from the wind inside his jacket

Michal Nursing

Changing diapers


On May twenty - one could see almost a full solar eclipse in Davis

In addition to the direct observation of the eclipse - with special glasses, of course - we saw another amazing phenomenon

The sun reflected through tiny holes in the branches and leaves on the trees and created hundreds of images of the eclipse on the fences and the walls around our house.

Yes, the arches/crescents on the wall behind us are reflections of the sun when the eclipse was at its peak


Brita party for Zoe


Zoe's first visit to San Francisco

Visiting Sacramento Zoo

Moran was happy that there is a place for his Coke in the baby carrier

The children participated in class plays, stood and recited the words and movements just like in American films

Maayan was an ant in a show on insects and Lotem was the brick house pig in the play on the Wolf and Three Pigs

Moran's lab party