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Segolis in Israel

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Hiking in the Italian Dolomites – August 2017

We went on a 14 day trek in the Italian Dolomites (Alta via 1 trail). The trial goes along the ridge from North to South and other than the stunning views it has the advantage of having a very well orgenized hut system on the way

The beginning was a bit challenging - we arrived in Italy late in the evening and decided to drive close to the beginning of the trail already the same day. Due to a navigation mistake it took us a while to find it and only in the middle of the night we reached our destination

In addition, getting organized in the next morning took longer than expected and hence we started walking rather late. The trail starts with an insane 800m climb and only at 18:00, nearly exhausted, we reached the first hut. We were rewarded with a warm meal and stunning sunset views. Luckily- the rest of the days were much easier

The views all along the trail were breathtaking

The top is in the clouds and the bottom is in mist

The flowers were beautiful, and we saw many insects and other animals

Chamois Marmot

We had plenty of leisure time and despite the heavy bags, did not regret any of the games and activities that we carried along

Michal reading her kindel

The kids were amazing- they carried their bags, helped around, kept Zoe entertained and did not give up even on the most difficult climbs. Zoe (aged 5) didn’t ask to be picked up once.

To keep her motivated, Zoe got stickers and dolls that became an integral part of the team

Zoe arriving at the room and sees her doll present on the bed

In two huts we stayed an additional night which allowed us to do some of the side trips.

Michal jumping into the cold lake Moran's morning hike

Moran took Maayan climbing to see a glacier

And tossed Maayan on the ice all the time

Moran trained the kids in rock climbing

In a few cases we were caught by rain and even hail! It was a bit stressful especially due to the accompanying lightning and thunder but altogether an adventure.

Some of the huts were rather basic and we slept in a dormitory with additional people (we felt sorry for them…) but others were quite fancy and we had a private room. Most of them had an amazing view

Also the food in some huts was absolutely delicious

On the tenth day, Dikla (Michal’s sister) and her family joined us and together we walked the last four days. The kids were very excited to share the experience with their cousins

Then we spent two days in Garda Lake

One day was dedicated to Gardaland amusement park - if you ask Michal it was more exhausting and challenging than the 14 days trail but the kids were happy

On the second day, after a failed attempt to get out of the hotel we decided that perhaps we needed a rest day - if you ask Moran it was more challenging than the 14 days trail but the kids and Michal were happy

We finished the trip with a day in Venice and Burano

Zoe posing next to the colorful houses of Burano