Segolis in Israel

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Segolis in Israel

2014 - Sep-Oct ; Nov-Dec

2015 - Jan-Feb ;Mar-Apr ;May-June ;Iceland ;Jul-Aug ;Sep-Oct

2016 - Jan-Feb ; Mar-Apr ; Jul-Galapagos ; Aug ; 2017 - Aug Dolomites ;

2018 - Aug Madagascar - part 1 ; part 2 ; Italy Apr ; Aug Mongolia

July-August 2015

Summer vacation was packed with many activities with the kids and of the kids with their grandparents and cousins

While we were traveling in Iceland Michal's parents and sisters took care of the kids

Maayan took a four hour bus ride by himself in order to spend a few days with his cousins in Eilat

When Moran and Lotem came to fetch him after a few days, Moran's brother surprised us when he took the kids diving

When Moran's parents took care of the kids they took them to a variety of activities

A tour of ancient Acre (Akko)

Playing on cannons from Napoleon's Siege of Acre (1799) The base of a pillar in the Hospitaller Fortress from the 12th century

While the kids got explanations, Zoe gave the statues a massage Turkish hammam (bath)

Because of Zoe's great love for horses, there is no visit to Granny without a horse riding trip

Saba Eitan showering the kids

We went for a three day father-kids trip to the Achziv beach

We did a tour of houses that Michal's father built in Jerusalem that included explanations on the history of Jerusalem and its neighborhoods

The kids learning and practicing their explanations

Lotem explaining about Templers' houses We finished with Lunch at Michal's grandmother's house

Moran's sister did a skippers course and she is a certified captan. She took us on a sunset sailing trip

The good life

We went to a mechanical toy exhibition in the museum. The kids enjoyed building a moving mechanical toy

Maayan and the toy he built Lotem examined every toy in order to understand how it worked

We did two night trips

One by moonlight and the kids were amazed that you can hike at night without flashlights and the other in the sand dunes looking for animals

Sand Snake

In continuation of tradition, Moran went on a guys-only trip in the desert

Moran has started working as a Land and Water researcher in regional research and development centers

He will conduct applicable research that focuses on irrigation and fertilizing of vegetables, and his first projects include growing tomatoes using urban compost

When Lotem was asked what was her best experience during the summer vacation, she answered that it was her new cousin being born