Segolis in Israel

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Segolis in Israel

2014 - Sep-Oct ; Nov-Dec

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2016 - Jan-Feb ; Mar-Apr ; Jul-Galapagos ; Aug ; 2017 - Aug Dolomites ;

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January – February 2016

We did a picnic with friends in HaBsor river

It was very lush with many flowers

The kids loved to walk, play and climb on the small soil cliffs

We also did a tour of Moran's workplace and everybody enjoyed picking fresh vegetables

Two weeks later we went to the same area to celebrate a friend’s birthday

We visited the irises next to Tsealim

Winter brought with it a lot of rainfall (120 mm) and filled up the water holes. We adopted a nearby water hole and visited it at every opportunity

A flash flood in Zin river

We did a two day hike in Ramon Crater

The kids next to ammonite fossils from about 100 million years ago

Abandoned silt mines We missed sleeping in a tent

Moran went with his friends to do a 'boys' hike

We celebrated Moran's birthday with a romantic hike to see ancient rock drawings Moran was at a conference up north and took the opportunity to hike a bit and see the spring flowering

Moran's parents took Maayan and his cousin Itamar to London for a barmitzvah present

Maayan thoroughly enjoyed the trip with his grandparents and cousin

From the photos – it looks like they mostly ate in London

Harry Potter's school Maayan did some research on Stonehenge, and lectured about the different theories for its existence

Zoe became best friends with our Stick Insects

She reads to them stories and plays with them in her doll house

Michal's grandmother had her 90th birthday

We celebrated in a farm and Zoe enjoyed the animals and activities Lotem's drawing that she made as a present

We went with Moran's parents to see an Andy Warhol exhibition and ate at a wonderful seafood restaurant with amazing view of the port of Haifa

We also saw an open-air exhibition of dolphin sculptures, and of course ate at their house

Lotem chaired the school 'family day' celebration and Zoe made Michal a heart from flower petels

We did a memorial evening for David Bowie by watching his movie: Labyrinth We see Ibexes frequently on the way to school and kindergarten