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Segolis in Israel

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Madagascar August 2008 - part two

We continued our trip on the southern tip of Madagascar Berenty Reserve. The reserve is famous for its spiny forest, Ring-tailed lemurs (like in the Madagascar movie), 'dancing' Sifakas that have a distinctive and funny walk between trees. We spent three lovely days in a hut inside the reserve and did day and night tours

Yoga with a lemur Maayan reading a story to the locals

Pink lemur

Mouse Lemur

Sifakas in the spiny forest

We then flew to the south-west part of Madagascar in order to volunteer in a refuge center at Reniala reserve to save lemurs. For two days we helped take care of the lemurs - prepared their food, cleaned their cages, collected leaves and even collected Baobab fruits! It was an amazing experience

The reserve was walking distance from the beach so we also spent time on the beach and went whale watching

We then continued to a two day hike in Isalo National Park - a red sandstone plateau with beautiful canyons

The first day continued longer than expected since some of us weren't feeling the best, the guide insisted on telling each explanation twice and it was a long path. We arrived at the camp in the dark, where dinner waited for us (Zebu stew - a kind of beef) and tents with mattresses. We slept very well that night

The following day we continued walking and saw amazing views of the park. We saw amazing canyons and a beautiful waterfall and swimming pool

We swam in the freezing water and sunbathed like the lemurs

We then flew to the capital city and drove to our last destination - Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. On the way we stopped at a reptile farm where we saw an unbelievable diversity of chameleons and other local animals

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is famous for its rain forests and the Indri lemur - the largest living lemur and the only one without a tail. Another special trait is that they communicate by very loud shouting that can be heard a few kilometers away. From our cabin every morning and afternoon we heard their shouting , and on our tours we saw them jumping between trees and heard them singing

turn on the sound to hear them shout/sing

Giraffe weevil

That was an excellent ending for a perfect month-long holiday