Segolis in Israel

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Segolis in Israel

2014 - Sep-Oct ; Nov-Dec

2015 - Jan-Feb ;Mar-Apr ;May-June ;Iceland ;Jul-Aug ;Sep-Oct

2016 - Jan-Feb ; Mar-Apr ; Jul-Galapagos ; Aug ; 2017 - Aug Dolomites ;

2018 - Aug Madagascar - part 1 ; part 2 ; Italy Apr ; Aug Mongolia

March – April 2015

We had a very wet rainy season and the desert bloomed and was full of water

We had many opportunities to go hiking during the holidays

For Moran's birthday we went on a two days hike without the kids to the Judaean Desert

During Passover vacation, we did a three days hike in the desert with the kids

It was a very successful trip but the last day was extremely hot – over 35 degrees

While Lotem put on sun screen, Zoe put on chocolate spread

An amazing site of rock crevasses

A trip in Borot Lotz nature reserve with Giladi family

A trip in Divshon Plain with Kagan and Porat families

We stopped for lunch at a local Beduin nomadic tent


A trip near home with cousin Itamar To cool down we jumped to Eilat (with the Levy family)

A trip to the western Negev (Nahal Ha-Bsor)

Zoe trying to keep her new dress dry

We had the Passover Seder at our house with Michal’s side of the family

We went out on an early hike to miss the crowds, but that did not work out in the end

We met with the extended Segoli tribe for a weekend that included activities with the kids, yoga, hikes and a talk about parasitoids by Michal

Zoe likes yoga – she gets to cuddle with Mom


On the Good Deeds Day the kid’s school had a fundraiser of hand made products made by the kids, with all the profits going to Holocaust survivors

Lotem sold a drawing that she drew, and Maayan prepared cappuccino and sold bread that he baked

Since then – he is the official coffee maker in the house

We celebrated Zoe’s third birthday

She is getting to be a big girl

Michal went with her sisters and mother for a long weekend to Paris