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Segolis in Israel

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Iceland 2015

In August we-Moran and Michal- went for a week to Iceland. It started with a firm decision not to travel abroad this year (saving money for a trip to Madagascar). Then we went into slight panic when August approached and we did not have clear plans. Finally, we made a quick decision during a drive that perhaps we could go somewhere after all, and how about going on a trek, and a search in the phone for best hikes in Europe. We booked the flight the next day to ensure we did not get a chance to change our minds

Our destination was a four days trail starting from Landmannalaugar (impossible to pronounce- same as all other Icelandic names). Looking briefly on pics in the internet we had already realized that the scenery is nothing like anything we've seen before. It is all volcanic with dramatic contrasts between the black and red rocks, the green/yellowish vegetation and the white glaciers

The trail is open for a month and a half every year because during the rest of the year weather is too bad. From the first day we realized that even in mid-season the weather could be impossible. It was raining during the bus ride from the airport to the city of Reykjavik and hailing during the bus drive to the beginning of the trail

The largest church in Iceland

We went on a short (but beautiful) hike in the stormy weather

Thereafter we warmed up for a few hours at the hot springs near the hut- a perfect activity (except for the part of running between the hut and the springs)

Our old equipment did not stand the harsh conditions and we had to buy two water proof raincoats at the small hut store. Not the cheapest buy!

Store owner out in the rain trying to reach reception to complete the payment.

We spent the next day at the hot spring hoping for the weather to improve but by noon it was clear that the trail that goes up to a high saddle will not be opened soon. Instead we took a bus to the next hut around the mountain.

The bus drives IN the flowing river

From there, everything went smoothly. We hiked for few days from hut to hut enjoying the outstanding scenery and the summer flowering

We crossed plains

walked on cliff edges

crossed rivers

Sometimes it was easy and sometimes it was freezxing and hard

climbed peaks

Eyjafjallajökull – the volcano that erupted five years ago and grounded flights in Europe for a few days

walking on glaciers

We were impressed by the diversity of views and volcanic forms

We enjoyed the flowers

The weather improved gradually and we were very excited when the sun first came out.

Enjoying the view (and beer) on our last night on the hike slow cooked fish with beetroot puree At the end of the trail we took a bus back to town and enjoyed a six course gourmet Islandic meal at a restaurant. Like the scenery, the food was excellent and exceptional

On the way back we stopped in Brussels and enjoyed (each one in his own way) the summer city festival

and an excellent exhibition at the Magritte museum

We came back with bags full of Belgian chocolate to make it up for everyone that was left behind…