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Segolis in Israel

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June 2016 - Galapagos

We went to a trip in Galapagos for Michal's 40th birthday. The Islands are mostly known for the inspiration they gave Charles Darwin for developing his evolution theory, when he saw the diversity of the animals on the islands during his travels in the 19th century. The Islands are in a geological 'hot-spot' formed by oceanic volcanoes.

Darwin's finches- every species has a different beak shape in accordance with their food type

There are two main ways to travel the islands: stay in one of the big islands and do day trips to the different local sites, or take a longer cruise around the islands to get to the more remote islands. We did both.

We stayed in the central island- Santa Cruz for a week enjoying several day trips to different sites.

In Tortuga Bay we saw for the first time marine iguanas, rowed in a kayak and snorkeled with sharks

The kids swimming with a marine Iguana

Trip to Las Griatas- a basalt canyon with sea water via salt lakes

Heron hunting a crab

Trip to the highlands where we saw giant turtles, lava tubes and views of the island

Zoe and the turtles were competing for the guava fruits

Lava tubes

Diving trip next to one of the Islands

Maayan and a Whitetip reef shark

Maayan and a sting ray

We also enjoyed the food and of course- the playground on the island

Maayan and a lobster

On the island San Cristobal- we hiked around a lake and played with sea lions on the beach

Moran took every opportunity for an afternoon nap

On the Island Isabela we hiked to mangrove forests and to the rim of an old volcano

But the best part was a seven day cruise around Isabella and some more remote islands

We traveled on the boat Nemo with seven additional tourists, five crew members and a guide

Every day we did a trip on one of the islands and snorkeled in some of the best sites

On the island we saw many birds nesting, marine and land iguanas, beautiful beaches, interesting rock formations and stunning views

blue-footed booby

Pelican with a chick

Flightless Cormorant Galapagos Penguin

Red-footed booby Nazca booby

Lava Gull Frigatebird

land iguana

marine iguana

Sea lion playing

In one of the islands we visited the nesting grounds of Galápagos petrel seabirds that nest in underground holes. The main danger for these birds is owls that hunt them as they fly out of their holes. Sure enough, after 15 min observation we saw an owl prey and feed on a petrel as it was going out of its nest

We snorkeled with sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, rays and plenty of colorful fish.

Michal with a shark Michal with a sea lion

Maayan with sardines Michal with a turtle

We did some wildlife watching on board- Humpback Whale, dolphins, and Manta rays jumping out of the water

Manta ray

Zoe playing with a Manta ray

Humpback whale

eagle ray stingray

In addition we enjoyed the luxurious life on the boat.

Moran working

A dream comes true