Segolis in Israel

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Segolis in Israel

2014 - Sep-Oct ; Nov-Dec

2015 - Jan-Feb ;Mar-Apr ;May-June ;Iceland ;Jul-Aug ;Sep-Oct

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May-June 2015

Moran went for the last time to finish his project in Australia

He decided that the best way to get over his jet-lag was to go on a diving vacation in Thailand

Learning to cook Pad Thai

Practicing for Australia

He continued his adventures in Australia with a two day outback motorcycle trip with his friend George

And yes, it appears he also had some work done…

Leaving the office in Australia for the last time

In the meantime Michal and the kids spent time with family in Eilat

And with friends from Sde Boker in Ein Avdat

When Moran came back we went for few more trips in the south of Israel

Alpaca herder in the Negev desert

Moran went on a 'boys' trip to Ramon Crater

And in the North – Tsipori (Sepphoris)

An underground aqueduct

The girls also did a pedicure

In June Michal paid back by going to a conference in the States. She stayed in a beautiful resort in a forest park in New Hampshire, and as you can see from the pictures, had an excellent time

Additional pictures

Moran and the kids are becoming sushi experts

The first yield of our apricot tree was impressive

Farewell party for Shomen and Jayanti