Segolis in Israel

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Segolis in Israel

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March - April 2016

Due to the strong floods this year, the water hole in Nahal Zin filled up. We spent a lot of time there together with friends and anyone who dropped in. During the weekends it looked like a holiday beach!

In one of our swims, Michal left her watch near the water and couldn't find it when she got out. Some people told us that a fox took it. We were very skeptical until we saw the fox!

Moran said it is such a waste that Zoe who has seen so many episodes of "Dora" did not manage to say: "Swiper no swiping" on time.

The water is too cold for Moran - so he wears a diving suit

During Purim holiday we went for the first time since we got back to Israel, for a family trip in the North.

On the first day we went to Nahal Bet-Ha'Emek- it was full of flowers!

Lotem with a Lotem flower

We stopped at a Purim festival in Carmiel and had a lot of fun (despite the crowds).

On the second day we hiked to the Monfor and Nahal Cziv. It was amazing!

After the hike we stopped in Michal's favorite restaurant in Jish. The owners have changed but the food was similar so we enjoyed local dishes such as stuffed zucchini in yogurt sauce, stuffed vine leaves and cooked Hubeiza (Mallow) leaves.

On the third day we went to Nahal Zvitan and Meshushim (Hexagon) pool. We started early in the morning and spent a magical hour in the pool on our own.

The water was freezing, but that did not stop Michal and Lotem from having a swim Maayan on the other hand, preferred to watch a dragonfly emerging.

Other activities during Purim included the traditional parade at Sde Boker.

Reading of the Megillah (Scroll of Esther) with Michal's family.

We spent the Passover Seder at our home with Moran's family. Grandpa Eitan explained about the Hagada and showed us some very cool video clips of Passover related songs.

We also celebrated Zoe's 4th birthday

Then we went for few hikes with family and friends.

With Moran's family in Ramat Divshon and Nahal Hava.

With Porat family in Nahal Zeelim and Nahal Ashalim. We survived the heat by dipping, swimming and diving into the water.

With Michal's side of the family in a trip in Ein Avdat and in the big Machtesh.

More trips that we did before it started to get really hot:

With friends in Shivta area and sand dunes

With Michal's family in Latrun Monastery area

Visiting Eilat

At Itamar's Bar Mitzva

Maayan also did a diving course as a preparation for our trip to the Galapagos in summer. The instructor said he's a natural!