Segolis in Israel

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Segolis in Israel

2014 - Sep-Oct ; Nov-Dec

2015 - Jan-Feb ;Mar-Apr ;May-June ;Iceland ;Jul-Aug ;Sep-Oct

2016 - Jan-Feb ; Mar-Apr ; Jul-Galapagos ; Aug ; 2017 - Aug Dolomites ;

2018 - Aug Madagascar - part 1 ; part 2 ; Italy Apr ; Aug Mongolia

January – February 2015

We have finally settled back home and therefore started hiking

Hiking to mount Zaror and its water hole

Maayan and Lotem looking at the water hole Zoe received the safer version

Hiking to the desert oasis Ein Avdat

School trip with Lotem's class

The desert blooming in red

Hiking to mount Akev and Ein Akev desert oasis

Zoe likes eating the Moricandia flowers

It is always amazing to see snow in a desert that receives 80 mm annual rainfall

Hyena footprints in the snow Ibex
Snow fight Desert snow sledge
Same place – without the snow

Moran enjoyed the snow so much – he went with Kagan to the Italian Dolomites to ski

Moran improved his jumping skills and even learned how to land

The views were amazing Frozen water fall

In one of the trails we got to a plain where you can hitch a ride with horses

There are ropes with loops tied to the horse sledge and they gallop to the end of the trail

We ended our trip with gelato ice-cream near the Milan Cathedral

We visited an Alpaca farm

Between hikes, Michal and the kids assemble puzzles

They gave up assembling the white snow

Granny came to help taking care of the kids

Visiting the Nabatean town of Avdat Presentation that Lotem created about a book she read

Yoga at our house with Michals family A few days after Zoe planted vegetables, she was very sad since she saw Ibexes eating her plants. Since then they moved the plants into the fenced yard

A nostalgic meeting with friends from Davis Lotem visited Dani at her army base