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Segolis in Israel

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November-December 2015

We celebrated Maayan's 12th birthday

Lotem wrote a very creative and tasty card:

Happy birthday!

I hope you'll get lots of lovely presents,

and not things that you don't want,

like Snickers or shirts.

You might get a book, maybe one that tells

how Mars Orbit's the sun.

I hope you won't get that, cause you Must already know that.

From Lotem to Maayan (the one who's parents' names start with M & M)

As always, the birthday celebrations got mixed with the Hanukkah celebrations

Zoe starring in a play in kindergarten Moran starring in a play in kindergarten

Flowering of Sternbergia in the desert

Swimming in a local water hole

Celebrating a friend's birthday in a Bedouin tent – playing Frisbee and mini-golf

We also enjoyed our time at home

Yoga in the morning A very enjoyable visit of friends from Davis

Snow/hail in the desert Friday afternoon beer on the cliff with Ibexes

We also enjoyed some time in the big city (Tel Aviv)

A birthday party for a friend and concert of Tipex The play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time with Michal's nieces and sisters

We visited Coral World in Eilat

Had a picnic in Ein Hemed (Aqua Bella ) in the Jerusalem hills Granny explaining about King Alexander Jannaeus at Alexander River

We babysat Twitter the cockatiel while Moran's parents were overseas

A video of the kids teaching Twitter to dance

Maayan is becoming a real chef – Chinese lettuce and noodle soup

Don't worry – this is movie-makeup workshop

Guy Lowe's memorial