Segoli's in Australia

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2013 - Jan-Feb; Tasmania; Mar-Apr; May (Hinchinbrook);Jun; Jul-Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov-Dec

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March-April 2013

In April we celebrated Zoe's first birthday


Zoe loved getting a chocolate biscuit first thing in the morning

The bigger kids looked through Granny Doreen's cookbook, decided what to cook, bought the ingredients and cooked a fancy dinner that included 'Louise's chicken in orange juice' stuffed with 'brown rice stuffing for chicken' and 'Marble minute cake'

After our trip to Tasmania, we stayed in the Townsville area and even spent some time at home

While Maayan goes to Karate class, we sometimes go for a short swim in the nearby river

The kids helping Moran with his fieldwork

Jumping into the river next to Moran's field site

The local aquarium

Practicing throwing a boomerang

An injured bat that we found in the park


The local water park

Chilling out at home

The local beach

Yom Ha'atzmaut