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November-December 2013

In December we visited Israel

But beforehand, a few selected pictures from November


Zoe preparing sushi
That's what Moran was doing during a conference in Sydney


Zoe feeding the ducks
Hanukah with friends

Zoe trying to reach the neighbor's dog
Special rainbow we saw

The trip to Israel was amazing

From the tropical summer we landed in winter storm- one of the strongest in 100 years

It took two days before we were able to visit Michal's parents who were cut off by the snow in Mevasseret-Zion. There we warmed up near the fire-place during an electricity outage.

One of the purposes for this visit is attending the wedding of Ofi, Michal's youngest sister

The kids enjoyed being (almost) at the center of attention

From there we continued to Ein-Gedi to meet with Moran's side of the family


We celebrated Maayan's 10th birthday



Climbed up Massada to see the sunrise


and dipped in the Dead Sea

Naturally, we also visited Sde-Boker

Went for a hike

The kids were excited to visit our house
Spent time with friends

Zoe on a day out with the guys

At the museum in Jerusalem
At the biblical zoo in Jerusalem

Meeting the new cousin Tal