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October 2012


Grandpa Eitan left and along came Granny Doreen.

Doreen with her famous energies helped us to settle down in Townsville.

We have no idea how we would have done it without her help, especially since Moran was working very hard.

Doreen helped us to buy everything needed for the house and for school. Organized and cleaned, washed and cooked, helped with Zoe and spent time with the kids.

We went to Bilabong, a zoological park with many native animals


We celebrated Lotem's 7th birthday with lots of cakes and presents.

and Michal's birthday in the botanical gardens with a lookout on a huge colony of fruit bats and gymnastics/Karate show.


At the last day with Doreen we went to Magnetic Island, 20 min on a boat from Townsville.

We were thrilled to find a wild Koala during the hike. The Koala was indifferent.

Then we spent time on the beach.

Dancing to the sounds of a street performance.

We had a wonderful time but were sad towards Doreen's departure.

More pics:

The kids are playing in the pool and back yard

Michal helping Moran to set up his experiment in the field

Zoe helping with the laundry

Ma'ayan working on a dish called "sea food extravaganza" at a restaurant. He did finish it (with some help)

Our local possum

Some more animals that we've seen

School uniform