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May 2013

The main goal for this month was preparing and going on a 5 days hike in Hinchinbrook Island, considered as one of the most beautiful places in Australia. These included both technical and mental preparations such as: motivating the kids through stories and presents to be given during and after the trail, getting the needed equipment, packing etc.

10km preparation day hike near Cairns

It wasn't very helpful that we were taking turns in being sick throughout the month. First Zoe got foot and mouth disease (not the same one that cattle gets- a kids' virus that is not dangerous but very unpleasant). Then Moran got it as well. Then Zoe got a strange rash on her face and body and only after 5 doctors, one unsuccessful antibiotic treatment and one visit to the emergency room we realized it's another round of the same disease. Ma'ayan and Lotem were also sick for few days.


Poor Zoe

In addition, Michal had to go for 2 days a week to Cairns for her new project.

Feeding mosquitoes in the experimental cages.

Despite the difficulties we were able to get ready and luckily, no one was sick during the trip. Hinchinbrook Island is a National Park. Up to 40 people per day are allowed to visit the Island and permits need to be obtained in advance. The Island is very varied with mountains of up to 1000 meters, rivers, creeks, swamps, rainforests, eucalypts forests and mangroves.

On the first day we were dropped by a boat from the mainland on a beautiful beach. We walked several km along the beach and then turned into the forest until we reached the campground near a waterfall and a swimming hole.



Bathing in Mulligan falls

On the second day we climbed through dense vegetation that gradually opened as we reached a saddle, where we had lunch.

From there, the trailed descended towards Zoe Bay. Before the final drop, we were rewarded with stunning views of the bay from the top of Zoe Falls.


Zoe Falls

The kids were very excited by the name.

The third day was the most difficult as the trail entered a swampy mosquito infested area. We crossed many creeks and tried to avoid the thorny vegetation.

We were exhausted by the time we reached Little Ramsey Bay where we found the camp site right on the beach.

Only Zoe who had spent most of the day on Michal's back was still full of energy and had a hard time falling asleep.

On the fourth day we were compensated by a short easy walk with plenty of rest and playtime on the beach.


Sea turtle

Not without effort, Moran was able to open up a coconut and we enjoyed its juice and meat.

We started the fifth and final day very early as we had to catch the only ferry out of the Island that leaves from a mouth of a river by 9:30.

We were very excited when we reached the sign indicating the end of the trail

While we were waiting to the ferry we met some people who had kayaked around the Island. They were very surprised to see the young children and complimented them on their achievement. The kids' faces were shining with pride.

We gave the kids the privilege of choosing a restaurant once were out of the trail. Of course we ended up at McDonald's, but after 5 days of dry food, even that was tempting.