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December 2012

Australians take their vacations very seriously.

Not only is it customary not to work in the holidays – you are not allowed to work. They locked our building.

Since Moran's experiment requires him to go to his field site after each rainfall - Moran received a special approval to work if it rains.

Luckily, it didn't rain in the field site and we took a long Christmas vacation without any work.


Our big trip was to Atherton Tablelands near Cairns. We slept in a cabin and explored the area which is full of rainforests, Eucalyptus forests, rivers and waterfalls.

We alternated among short hikes, long hikes, animal viewing, swimming and other local attractions.

In the rainforest



On a boardwalk at the height of the trees




Aborigine activities – Lotem learns to throw a boomerang and Maayan demonstrates edible traditional plants


On a cable-car that crosses the ridge


Australian Butterfly Sanctuary



Feeding rock Wallabies


Lotem sailing on an army duck (a vehicle that can be driven on land or sailed in the water)


Zoe wanted to eat everything – including the Forest Dragon

Moran and Zoe taking an afternoon nap

Moran and the local fauna

Two weeks before our big trip we went camping over the weekend in Paluma, about 1.5 hours north of Townsville

We slept near a lake that is surrounded by rainforests. We did a few short hikes and swam in the rivers


Typical Australian dinner: BBQ and bottle

Lighting the campfire

Sleeping in our tent

Zoe was the first one to wake up and explore the area

Zoe loved the lookouts


We all enjoyed the water


Maayan climbing a strangler fig


We celebrated Hanukkah at home with the local Jewish community.

We had a Rabbi from Melbourne who came with his wife to celebrate Hanukkah with us.


We also celebrated Maayan's 9th birthday with a Hanukkiah cake

Maayan went with Moran to his field site to get prepared for the rainy season.

He got to ride in a fire truck filled with water and to see an Emu family