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May 2014

The end of our stay in Australia is getting closer. In a few weeks we are leaving Townsville and going on a road trip all the way to Malbourne where we take our flight to Israel

Accordingly, May was full of goodbyes and endings

Moran finished his two-year field experiment and collected the last samples

Michal, who has finished her project helped him in the field and with analyzing the samples in the lab

The last soil sample
Moran measuring and Michal recording

We went on a few last trips in the area

The Mangroves

A conservation area north of Townsville

Jourama falls

Sliding on the rocks
and in the water

Zoe preferred the warm calm puddles

A cruise in Ross River Dam

Last visit to the Billabong wildlife sanctuary

Palm Cockatoo

In our local Thai restaurant

just after we told the kids we are going back to Israel

Moran received a travel award to go to a conference in Canberra

In the morning he was sweating jogging up the hill and in the evening showed off with a tuxedo

Happy birthday to our Zoe who turned two

Maayan is in a computer class

Every kid learns and does his homework on his own laptop

The big kids are doing their homework and Zoe is watching Sesame Street