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Tasmania - 2013

We met with Moran's parents - Doreen and Eitan in Melbourne where we stayed with family (Mark, Sue, Dani and Mike Glasser)



The connection was immediate!


On the highest building.

In the science museum.

Then we took a flight to Tasmania - the largest island in Australia.

We landed in Hobart, from where we drove to the Tasman Peninsula, with cliffs above the water and stunning ocean views.

The next destination was St. Clair Lake-Cradle Mt. Park where we hiked among lakes, waterfalls, forests and mountains.




It was very cold!

We celebrated the Seder in a cabin within the park.


As usual we took advantage of Doreen's and Eitan's presence and courage and went for a 3 days hike without the kids in the Walls of Jerusalem NP.

Every peak and feature in the park has a name related to Jerusalem, but we concluded that whoever named them, had probably not been to Jerusalem.

The weather was good and we enjoyed the views and solitude.



Michal observing a spider at the mt. top.

Michal bathing in the frozen lake.

In the meantime the kids had a good time with their grandparents that used interesting babysitting techniques…


We met in Sheffield - a small town with a nice tradition - every year they invite 10 artists for a mural competition. Works from previous years are presented throughout the town. We came during the festival and took part in the vote.

The winning mural for this year
Lotem's favorite

The last destination was Freycinet NP in the East Coast.

We climbed a mountain to admire the coastal views and spend some time in the beach.



We bought local oysters and mussels and Eitan and Doreen cooked them. Ma'ayan loved it! Michal was a bit suspicious. Zoe liked her seafood rare.


We said our goodbyes and went back to reality.


A huge thank you to Doreen and Eitan for the wonderful trip and for help with the kids!