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July 2014

Last trip in Australia- continued

After three weeks in the outback we approached the shoreline. As we got closer to the cities of Adelaide and then Melbourne, the traffic got thicker, gas prices dropped, rainfall increased and, most importantly, the coffee improved. As usual we moved from one national park to another, camping or staying in cabins

We started in the Flinder’s - an impressive mountain range with geological features similar to the craters in south Israel

Geological tour Fossils

In Mt. Remarkable we went on a very wet hike in a narrow canyon

Next stop was Kangaroo Island with stunning beaches and lots of Wildlife due to the isolation from the mainland

We saw fur seals and sea lions
Kangaroos fighting An echidna trying to hide from us under a fence

One of two marsupials that lay eggs

Superb fairywren Cape Barren Goose

We continued to Coorong with sand dunes and lagoons along the Southern Ocean

In Naracoote Caves we toured the caves where bones of extinct animals from before humans arrived to Australia (around 50,000 year ago) have been found. Most of the animals did not actually live in the cave but fell in through cracks and holes

Bat colony
Adventurous guided tour inside the caves
Real-size models of an ancient giant kangaroo and a marsupial “lion”

Additional pictures

Moran bonding with a possum Zoe bonding with a goat
Zoe was frustrated when the kids climbed up the trees For our 11th anniversary, the kids built us a virtual house in Minecraft. Best present ever!