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April 2014


In April Granny Doreen and Saba Eitan came for a visit

Before they could change their minds, we left them with the kids and went for a 7-day hike in Larapinta trail near Alice Springs

The trail goes along the MacDonnell Ranges, an ancient and very dramatic range that was originally as high as the Everest. Today it reaches 1531 meters.


Checking WhatsApp from the peak



We were particularly impressed by sand stones with a pattern of waves that were imprinted before the range formed


Although it is the beginning of winter here, the first two days were extremely hot- up to 39 degrees. Therefore we started walking very early in the morning, rested in the middle of the day, and took every opportunity to get wet




Except for a lone wallaby we did not see that many mammals. On the other hand we saw plenty of reptiles, insects and spiders

We miscalculated the days and had almost no food left. Last dinner consisted of half a tortilla with some tuna and chips.


In the meantime the kids had a great time with Doreen and Eitan in Townsville.


After a week they joined us in Alice Springs and we all went on a road trip to Kings Canyon and Ayers Rock. These are the most famous sites in central Australia, and for a good reason.

Kings Canyon is a small paradise surrounded by sheer red cliffs. We went for a beautiful walk in the wadi and along the cliff




Leg massage after a long hike


Ayers rock is a huge sand stone rock rising 350 meters above the desert plains. We hiked around the base of the rock in a 10 km beautiful walk. It looked impressive from each and every angle



Zoe enjoyed the varied transportation modes: on foot, in water, on shoulders or in her carrier.


Next day we spent time at the visitor and art center. Lotem did a painting aboriginal style, Maayan learned how to throw a boomerang, and Zoe made friends with a camel.

Dingo – the wild Australian dog
Emu – the Australian ostrich

On the way back we found the most amazing lizard by the road: a Thorny Devil.

Moran trying a new treatment against hair loss

During most of the trip we cooked for ourselves, but on the last day we celebrated: in the morning we had a free pancake breakfast at the camping site, and in the evening we went to a special restaurant. On the plate: crocodile eggroll, kangaroo steak, camel sausage and Emu salad.

We celebrated an unforgettable Seder with Doreen and Eitan before we sadly said our goodbyes.


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