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June 2014

After a few intensive weeks of finishing up work, saying goodbyes and packing, we are on our way. The plan is a trip from Townsville to Adelaide and then Melbourne (~4000 km), from where we fly to Israel on August 14

The equipment on the right is for our trip and on the left for our flight to Israel
In the end – everything fitted into the car

We spent the last few days at our friends Moran and Chris. They took great care of us and helped us a lot. The kids also loved sleeping over at Sam and Charlie's

On the last night, Moran and Maayan did a farewell ride from Townsville on Chris’s Harley
Last day of school

The first destination of our trip was “dinosaur country” where many fossils of dinosaurs and other ancient reptiles were found. The highlight was "Lark’s Quarry" where fossilized foot prints of a stampede of small dinosaurs on the run from a large carnivore dinosaur were discovered

We also went to “the Age of Dinosaurs”, a museum founded by local farmers that had had enough of scientists taking away their dinosaur bones. They put up an excavating team and a lab to clean and preserve the fossils and present a fascinating exhibition of the two main dinosaurs found in this area: Banjo and Matilda

We continued south through one of the most isolated areas in Australia, a true outback! Towns in this area do not get many visitors and need to “invent themselves” to convince people to stay overnight

A musical fence
Searching for opal stones – at the entrance to a shop

Of course another reason to stay is if your keys are locked inside the car. We had to wait for two hours until help came from the nearest town

Although some of the “attractions” are a bit pathetic, some were pretty amazing. For example, in the observatory in Charlleville, we looked at sun-spots and sun-flares through the telescope in the day, and at star formations at night. We even saw Saturn with its rings

Apart from the attractions, we went on several hikes and observed lots of birds and of course kangaroos and wallabies

Despite the cold- it’s the middle of winter- we’ve been camping, enjoying the outback atmosphere, while Zoe's been enjoying encounters with dogs. Moran, who has some deadlines, had to work in the mornings in front of the bonfire

Next destination: the Flinders Range in South Australia