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June 2013

In June Safta Yael (Michal's mum) came for a visit

Before meeting her at the airport we united with Michal who had gone for several days to work on mosquitoes in Cairns

Zoe was very upset when Michal went to the toilet just after landing

Zoe with the flight attendant

We spent the first day around Brisbane at the botanical garden, along the river, in the museum and in the zoo.

First encounter between Yael and a Koala

Zoe is checking out the museum collections and Ma'ayan getting electrified at the science museum

Then we went to Fraser Island- one of the largest sand islands in the world. To get to the island we took a ferry and rented a 4x4 vehicle for driving on the beach and sandy roads.



We stayed in a beautiful holiday apartment just near the beach
  The moon and its reflection from our lounge.

We spent three days hiking in the forest (one of few in the world to grow on sand) and along the beach

Swimming in the clear but cold water of one of the island's many lakes

Near a sunken ship that was carried to the shore 60 years ago



Having fun in the sand dunes

After the visit to the island we spent several days in the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane, which is famous for its beautiful beaches and for the adventure parks. We-meaning the kids- chose Sea World and Movie World

Amusing car stunt show

Encounter with super heroes and fighting aliens

Finally we went to two national parks near Brisbane: Springbrook and Lamington.

These parks are famous with thick rainfrests similar to those from the dinosaur ages

Of course it was rainy and we spent some of the time in the hut snuggling with Safta and doing a 500 pieces puzzle

lookout to a waterfall

"Best of all" lookout hiding behind the fog
Giant earth worm that emerged from the ground after the rain

Moran's creek and Moran's Falls

Climbing to a canopy lookout

After the trip Yael came for a week to Townsville


Making schnitzel with Maayan

She even looked after the kids while we were celebrating our 10th anniversary on a diving safari in the Great Barrier Reef (next update)

Goodbye Safta!

See you in December!