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March 2014


We hardly saw each other during March
A short meeting at the airport between trips



Moran went on work trips to Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne

He took the opportunity to go to a Bruce Springsteen concert in Brisbane

And for a trip to the Australian Alps near Melbourne
He enjoyed the hike and the toilet with the best views

Michal went for a week to sample mosquitoes in Badu, an island north of Australia

Although it's officially part of Australia, you need a special permit to visit the island. The locals are "native islanders" that still live according to old traditions. The rangers took Michal around and were very friendly and hospitable


Michal's return was delayed by a day due to a cyclone that threatened the area. Although it did not reach the island, it was very windy

When the family finally united, Moran's parents joined us as well

Even before they got over the jet-lag we left Moran's father with the kids and went diving with his mother. We went to see the Yongala ship wreck that sank around 100 years ago due to a cyclone

Although visibility wasn't great, we saw huge numbers of fish and also a few sharks, sea turtles, sea snakes, eagle rays etc

Due to the low tide we had to walk in the shallow waters on the way back. It was a wonderful experience

And of course we celebrated Purim