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January – February 2013

Life in Townsville continues as usual

Due to the heat, humidity and mosquitoes at this season, the possibilities for outings and hiking are limited. Therefore, we decided to take every opportunity to go for an early short morning walk in the area. By noon we are already back in the house or in the water.

A morning walk to the local mountain with view of the city from above (including our house and the school)

A walk along the beach


A trip around a lagoon

The kids are enjoying a water slide that Moran built

Moran's 40th Birthday

We are still volunteering caring for wildlife.

Michal cleaning a bird's cage

Moran found a wounded Owl on the road.

Unfortunately they had to put him down as the wing was broken.

Moran also found a baby kangaroo that was deserted by his mom when she fell into a ditch.

He was totally dehydrated and frightened.

We spent several hours caring for him before handing him to a professional care giver.

In addition we babysat two young possums. They were very quiet and playful.

They showed us the real meaning of a pouch animal

In Purim we dressed as a dragon family. The kids chose, planned and made the costumes. The adults, of course, also enjoyed it.

On the other hand the party was a bit disappointing. We were almost the only ones with a costume and the main activity was Habad people reading from the Megila so fast that we couldn't follow

Additional pics:

Our yard after the rain

Moran doing chemical analyses of soil samples.

Our sweet Zoe