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January 2014

On the way from Israel to Australia we stopped in Thailand

On a Tuktuk (Thai Taxi) on the way to the hotel
Crashing in the hotel


The main highlight was a four day safari in Kao-Yai National Park, three hours north of Bangkok

The safari was amazing. We enjoyed every minute of it. We went on some hikes, day and night drives, swam in waterfalls and springs, and saw lots of wildlife

It was nice to be with a tour guide who took us to all the special spots, took decisions for us and made an extra effort to find animals for us

We saw hundreds of thousands of bats coming out of a cave
We were very excited to see wild Asian Elephants

Zoe was especially excited to see monkeys and searched for them all the time

The only animal we were not very happy to see was a tick, and that is because some of them carry diseases

When we came out of the park we found one on Lotem and two on Maayan

Unfortunately, Lotem got a Spotted Fever from the tick and when we came back to Australia, developed high temperature, rash and joint pains .

Fortunately, it was immediately diagnosed and treated and therefore, she did not suffer for long

We spent the rest of the time in Bangkok. We visited the palace and temples


The kids enjoyed taking part in the local traditions and ceremonies

We also enjoyed the food and colors at the local markets


We visited Siam museum with very nice demonstrations of Thai history

We ran into a political demonstration in the street, but it was very calm and organized

The locals took more interest in us than we took in them


Finally we went to a touristic Thai village where we enjoyed tasting local foods, different forms of arts, canoe ride and an encounter with elephants

Till next time