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September 2013

Moran went to a conference in Sydney and we took the opportunity and joined him there.

Our hotel room was upgraded and we got a penthouse with views of Sydney harbor.


Cruising in the bay
The view from our hotel room

Sydney's famous opera house

In a Sydney zoo
Dining with friends in an excellent Brazilian, eat all you can, restaurant

We spent a day at Bondi beach where we played in the sand and met some of Moran's relatives:

The kids enjoying a movie at the private movie theater at Ros's house
With Ros, Doreen's cousin and her family

Zoe taking advantages of the kids being buried in the sand.

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With Belinda, Eitan's cousin

Although Sydney is very nice and vibrant, as you all know- we prefer the outdoors.

So we continued to the Blue Mountains- a large national park 2 hours from the city. The park got its name from the blue haze surrounding the mountains that has something to do-we're still not sure what- with the eucalyptus forests around them.

We were mostly impressed by the huge sandstone cliffs overlooking the forests and valleys.

We hiked a few of the many trails in the park:

The first started from a lookout to the "Three Sisters" a huge rock formation. This is the most touristic point in the park and so was very crowded.

The trails went down 1000 steps to the bottom of the cliff where it entered the forest.



Luckily there is no need to climb up as there are several transportation options.

We chose the train (steepest ride in the world).


The second trail was the most special as it goes just in the middle of the cliff. It was built more than 100 years ago and features stunning views of mountains, forests and waterfalls.

Zoe enjoying a double portion of ice cream at the end of the trail.

The next trip was in a beautiful lush canyon. In contrast to the previous, we were almost the only ones on the trail.


Finally we visited Jenolan caves that have many rock and crystal formations and an underwater river system.

We went on a tour all together, then Ma'ayan and Lotem went on a "kids only tour"-no parents allowed- they learnt about animals in and around the caves and saw: lizards, wallabies, platypus, bats etc. and dug fossilized bones of ancient animals that had fallen into the caves. They enjoyed the tour and we- the freedom!

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