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October 2013

In October we celebrated Michal and Lotem's birthdays

The children "surprised" Michal with a clean house, cards, gifts and cake



Moran's parents invited us to a film and Japanese restaurant on a very rainy day

Lotem celebrated at the water park with her best friends

The girls made decorated sandwiches and cakes. Lotem was very happy


The gift from Grandma Yael and Grandpa Abram - including lots of candy from Israel
With Maayan's gift - Telescope

We spent most of this month in and around our Townsville

The longest trip was a weekend in Cairns - where Michal works two days a week

The children visited the mosquitoes research facility and helped Michal capture mosquitoes for her research


We camped, but Lotem preferred to sleep in the car

We hiked in the area


With friends from Davis who now live here

Zoe really wanted to pet the Blue Butterfly

He didn't like it


Water park at the campground

On the way home we stopped for a short walk and a dip at the beach


Another trip was to Magnetic Island on the shores of Townsville, twenty minutes by ferry

We did a coast to coast hike


We saw three koalas in the wild


Warming up on the rocks
A crab hitchhiking on Maayan

The rest of the time we spent organizing, cooking and cleaning. The children helped a lot

Mayan mowing the lawn
Maayan preparing schnitzel


Zoe fills up the pool
Maayan with a friend



A chick of a Peaceful Dove that fell off a tree.

We transferred him to a specialist in caring for pigeons