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November 2012

Finally, we're back to real routing, meaning: some work with enough time to travel around during the weekends.

The hot season is getting closer, although everyone claims that this is still nothing compares to what's coming soon…

Therefore, we mostly traveled to water resources: streams, rivers and lakes.


We went to Rock Slide


It was very relaxing till the kids started to slide

The kids practice jumping in one of the municipal salty pools

After practicing they were ready to give us heart attacks

Zoe also enjoyed the water trips


Every time that the kids dived Zoe laughed

An underwater pictures revealed the reason

We decided to start a family hobby and volunteer in a wildlife care center.

In the first meeting came all the care givers with their animals, so we saw baby marsupials in cloth pouches, bats suckling on milk bottles and interesting reptiles.



In the meantime we mostly help with the care of wilds birds.

Ma'ayan and Lotem cleaning raptor cages.

Zoe is growing fast…

Although it's considered rare, 4 months after we saw a sun eclipse in California we now saw an almost full eclipse in Australia.

In an exhibition of optical illusions at the Queensland museum.

Maayan was one of the three wise men in his school play.